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LSD GEL TABS, Lysergic acid diethylamide, also known colloquially as acid, is a psychedelic drug. Effects typically include intensified thoughts, emotions, and sensory perception. At sufficiently high dosages LSD manifests primarily visual, as well as auditory, hallucinations.


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How Are this gel tabs Made?

Once mixed and allowed to set, the gelatin hardens slightly to form a gel.

The amount of LSD in a gel tab can vary greatly depending on how much liquid LSD is used to make the gel sheet and how large the squares are cut.

Gel tabs hold up to three times as much LSD as conventional blotter paper, but they usually contain somewhere between 100 and 200 mcg per tab.


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According to the researchers, this was the first analysis of LSD and its inactive compounds in human brain tissue. They found evidence of LSD in brain tissue samples, but it was not the cause of death in any of the cases.


lsd gelatin sheets


best way to store lsd gel tabs


Safer use

  • Similar-looking pills may still contain completely different substances and/or strengths
  • Use drug testing services if possible
  • Start with 1/3 of the pill and wait at least 2 hours to experience the effects
  • Watch each other and talk to your friends if you’re feeling unwell
  • Brand logos on ecstasy pills are always counterfeits and not related whatsoever to any trademarks





1400µg One Sheet 100tabs, 1400µg 20tabs, 150µg One Sheet 100tabs, 200µg One Sheet 20tabs, 200µg 200tabs, 150µg One Sheet 100tabs, 350µg One Sheet 100tabs, 350µg 20tabs, 550µg One Sheet 100tabs, 550µg 20tabs, 800µg One Sheet 100tabs, 800µg 20tabs

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