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Buy ayahuasca online, Ayahuasca is a South American psychoactive brew used both socially and as ceremonial spiritual medicine among the indigenous peoples of the Amazon basin. It is a kind of proactive tea that causes people to experience changes in their mood, thinking, and behaviours. This tea is used in most of the South American countries by traditional healers for treating different kinds of health ailments.

Is Ayahuasca Legal?

DMT, the main psychoactive substance in ayahuasca, has been illegal since it was listed in the 1970 Controlled Substances Act.

However, in 2006, the Supreme Court ruled that ayahuasca tea is legal when used for religious purposes. Centro Espírita Beneficente União do Vegetal, commonly known as UDV, was the first religious organization to receive the right to use it in this country. UDV is a group based in New Mexico with Brazilian roots.

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The bottom line
Ayahuasca drink has a powerful hallucinogenic effect and has been used in South Asian countries for several years for its medicinal properties. Several studies have been carried out to analyse the benefit of this drink. Based on the finding it has been concluded that sipping the drink may have both positive and negative impact on the health.

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Side-effect of Ayahuasca
Most of the studies carried out to explore the benefits of ayahuasca were done on a small scale and a lot more research is needed in this area. Excessive intake of this herbal drink may also lead to some serious side effects and in the worst case, it can even turn fatal. After drinking the tea, a person may experience the following symptoms.

High blood pressure

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